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Organization development is a systematic and ongoing process that implements effective organizational change. It encompasses applied science and scientific inquiry, drawing from disciplines such as sociology, psychology (specifically industrial and organizational psychology), and theories of motivation, learning, and personality. While behavioral science forms the foundation of OD, new fields like systems thinking, organizational learning, intuition in decision-making, and coaching have emerged as catalysts. These experts bring a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, expanding the scope of OD beyond the confines of behavioral sciences.

Goals and Benefits

Organization development services provide organizations with these benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency

Organizational development

enables the implementation of

smart work practices,

streamlining processes, and

boosting productivity.

Continuous Improvement

This service fosters ongoing

business model development,

evaluation, and implementation

for sustained improvement.

Effective Communication

Organization development

emphasizes horizontal and

vertical communication to

facilitate efficient teamwork,

feedback, and alignment.

Employee Development

Organizational development

prioritizes continuous employee

growth, fostering institutional

knowledge, retention, and

cost reduction.

Unique Offerings

This service focuses on

discovering a unique selling

proposition through innovation

and differentiation.

Increased Profits

Organization development’s

benefits include improved

productivity, reduced expenses,

and increased sales, leading to

higher profit margins.

Step-by-Step Process

The steps of the OD process include:

1. Problem Identification

The initial step in organizational development involves identifying the problems that require change, often with the assistance of knowledgeable consultants.

2. Data Collection

Management gathers data on work environments and performance issues through interviews, questionnaires, and observations to identify gaps between actual and desired performance.

3. Feedback and Analysis

Systematic analysis of collected data provides insights and constructive feedback to minimize stakeholder conflicts.

4. Action Planning

Detailed action plans are prepared with the involvement of a team, generating alternatives, evaluating impacts, and recommending changes.

5. Intervention

Organizational development employs sensitivity training, survey feedback, and coaching to facilitate change and improve employee attitudes and behaviors.

6. Evaluation

The final step involves evaluating the impact of organizational development efforts on performance and effectiveness, guiding future action planning.

Let Us Help You!

We outline our steps for developing service like this:


GEO Career assists individuals

in setting clear goals aligned

with organization development,

ensuring focus and direction.

HR Analysis

GEO Career evaluates the HR

environment, identifying

strengths, weaknesses, and

improvement opportunities for

effective organization development.

Future Forecasting

With expertise in market trends

and demographic changes,

GEO Career helps individuals

predict future HR requirements

and plan accordingly.

Supply & Demand

GEO Career identifies workforce

gaps and provides strategies to

bridge them, ensuring a

balanced supply and demand

for organization development.

Actionable Planning

GEO Career guides individuals

in creating practical plans with

clear timelines and responsibilities,

facilitating implementation for

effective organization development.

Implementation Support

GEO Career offers assistance,

training, and monitoring to

support individuals in successfully

integrating organization

development practices and

achieving desired outcomes.

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