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Placement Service

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Placement for individuals in recruitment involves the strategic process of matching suitable employees with appropriate positions. It encompasses various methods like job postings, interviews, and reference checks. The primary objective is to ensure that each employee is assigned to a role that aligns with their skills and capabilities, resulting in a highly productive and efficient workforce. The focus is on optimizing the match between individuals and positions to maximize organizational success.

Goals and Benefits

This service provides individuals with the following advantages:

Satisfaction & Retention

Proper placement of employees

leads to job satisfaction,

reducing employee turnover and

benefiting the organization.

Absenteeism Reduction

Effective placement minimizes

absenteeism by ensuring

employees are engaged and

satisfied with their work.

Safety & Prevention

Attentive work and safety

measures result from proper

placement, lowering the

occurrence of accidents.

Improved Relations

Satisfied workers through

effective placement foster

improved human relations and

reduce conflicts.

Goal Achievement

Efficient performance of

individual tasks, facilitated by

proper placement, drives the

achievement of organizational


Enhanced Productivity

Increased productivity, achieved

through reduced wastage and

abnormal losses, is a result of

effective placement.

Optimizing the Placement Process

Here are six strategies to enhance the management of the job placement process:

1. Job Order Qualification

Gathering crucial details about the job description, candidate requirements, internal considerations, and competition to determine if the search is worth pursuing.

2. Establishing Urgency

Securing specific dates for the start of interviews and the desired position-filling deadline to establish urgency and avoid vague timelines.

3. Direct Hiring Manager Collaboration

Collaborating directly with the hiring manager, despite potential obstacles, to tap into their sense of urgency and ensure effective management of the placement process.

4. Clear Expectations Setting

Discussing and agreeing upon expectations upfront, including interview dates, position filling deadline, feedback protocol, and communication methods to avoid complications and miscommunication.

5. Client Market Education

Informing the client about the current candidate-driven market, the need to attract top talent, competition from other companies, and the limited timeframe to retain high-quality candidates.

6. Actions vs. Expectations Accountability

Holding the hiring manager accountable for their actions or inactions by referring back to the agreed-upon expectations, fostering a sense of responsibility, and ensuring effective management of the placement process.

Let Us Help You!

We outline our steps for placement service like this:

Skill Assessment

GEO Career evaluates individual

skills, interests, and goals to

determine the best career path.

Job Matching

We identify suitable job

opportunities based on

qualifications and aspirations,

ensuring a strong alignment.

Personalized Guidance

GEO Career provides tailored

career counseling, offering

individualized advice and support

for informed decision-making.

Employer Connections

We leverage our network to

connect individuals with

potential employers who align

with their career goals.

Interview Readiness

GEO Career prepares

individuals for interviews,

equipping them with skills and

confidence to excel.

Ongoing Support

Even after placement, we offer

continuous assistance, ensuring

individuals smoothly transition

into their new roles and thrive.

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