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Human Resource Planning Service

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Human resource planning (HRP) is a crucial strategy employed by organizations to effectively manage their workforce. It involves a systematic approach to ensure a consistent supply of competent employees while preventing potential shortages or excesses. Implementing a well-thought-out HRP strategy can significantly contribute to a company’s productivity and overall profitability. The process typically involves four key steps: assessing the current pool of employees, projecting future workforce requirements, maintaining a balance between labor supply and demand, and devising plans aligned with the organization’s objectives.

Goals and Benefits

Businesses can reap substantial advantages by incorporating this service, as outlined subsequently:

Talent Development

Identifying high-potential

employees and providing

targeted development opportunities

for talent optimization.

Strategic Decision-Making

Insights from HR planning

inform decision-making on

structure, resources,

and strategies.

Targeted Training

Identifying skill gaps and

offering tailored training for

increased motivation,

productivity, and performance.

Future Workforce

Proactive measures based on

analysis and forecasting to

ensure the right talent for

future goals.

Risk Mitigation

Contingency plans driven by

HR planning minimize

disruptions, labor shortages,

and regulatory changes.

Cost Management

Optimizing staffing levels,

structure, and performance to

control costs and resource


Step-by-Step Process

Presented below are six sequential steps that can be employed in your human resource planning process:

1. Establish HR Objectives

Setting goals for the overall company and individual departments, aligning responsibilities with business objectives.

2. Workforce Analysis

Evaluating employee skills, and performance, and gathering feedback to assess department effectiveness and resource needs.

3. HR Supply and Demand

Assessing current and future needs by analyzing data on employee quantity, quality, and salary expenses.

4. Action Plan Creation

Deciding on hiring, contract adjustments, or skill development based on department needs and employee surplus/retirement considerations.

5. Continuous Development

Sustained employee growth through training programs, promoting advancement, and optimizing company resources.

6. Plan Evaluation

Measuring plan effectiveness, productivity, and profits, seeking feedback for improvements and goal achievement.

Let Us Help You!

Here are the six steps GEO Career takes to assist organizations with the human resource planning service:

Assess Skills & Goals

GEO Career evaluates

individuals’ skills and goals to

gain clarity on their strengths

and aspirations.

Explore Career Paths

GEO Career guides individuals

in exploring career paths

aligned with their skills

and goals.

Plan Strategically

GEO Career develops

personalized strategies for

effective human resource

planning, maximizing

career potential.

Market Insights

GEO Career provides valuable

job market insights, keeping

individuals informed about

industry trends and dynamics.

Support Development

GEO Career offers support for

professional development,

equipping individuals with tools

to enhance their skills.

Continuous Guidance

GEO Career provides ongoing

guidance, helping individuals

adapt their human resource

planning strategies to succeed

in a dynamic environment.

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